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China has a history of over 5,000 years and its cuisine has evolved over time. Its culinary techniques, preparations, and serving of food have been developed to the highest levels. Cooking has occupied an important position in Chinese culture throughout history and is considered an Art and a Science.

Beijing cuisine has been the most influential in China since Beijing has been the capital for over three dynasties. “The Emperor's Kitchen” was a term referring to the cooking places inside the Forbidden City, where thousands of chefs from different parts of China showed their best skills to please the Imperials and Aristocrats.

For the past four decades, MR CHOW has been serving this high cuisine as a foundation along with our original recipes, using the best and freshest ingredients. We focus on aroma where fragrances blend to create appetite, presentations, a variety of textures, and taste that varies from mild to spicy; creating a harmonious and memorable meal. Using the skills of steaming to roasting, we continuously work to create the healthiest Chinese menu. Chicken Satay, MR CHOW Noodles, and Ma Mignon were all created by Michael Chow with our passionate and skillful chefs.

At MR CHOW all dishes have equal and an important places on the menu. It is designed for you to have an individual dining experience according to your personal preference. Our well-trained Chefs and Captains will assist you with your order to ensure a balanced meal is served at the table. To experience the best of the different tastes, textures, presentation, and good value, most of our clients enjoy the varieties of our flexible prix-fixe menus served in a communal style.  

The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences recently awarded MR CHOW the 5 Star Diamond Award for excellence, service, and cuisine.  Dining at MR CHOW is not just a culinary experience, as you will also be entertained for a good part of your evening. Our service staff will approach you with our exclusive Champagne trolley at the beginning and with a dessert selection at the end of your meal. Every night since the opening, it has been our tradition to demonstrate the original Beijing style of hand-pulled noodle making by our skilled pasta chefs. Also, on the menu is one of the best prepared Beijing Duck in the world. 

We enjoy and appreciate the love and support from the world and continue to work for your excellent dining experience.